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April 24th, 2014

04:44 pm - Fatal Frame returns w/ a new Wii U game, an original novel, a comic, & live-action film

Tecmo Koei and Nintendo are working together on the next entry in the horror adventure series Fatal Frame for Wii U, the duo announced.
A title and release date for the project have not been announced.

In conjunction with the new game’s development, Tecmo Koei is expanding the franchise through a series of new multimedia expansions.

From Kadokawa Corporation, a live-action film starring Seventeen magazine models Ayami Nakajo and Aoi Morikawa is in production for a fall release.
The story's setting has been moved from a Japanese house to an old school dormitory. In the story, Aya Tsukimori (Nakajō) becomes part of an ancient "cursed incantation" at a girls' high school dormitory. Michi Kazato (Morikawa) is a classmate who is pursuing the mysterious disappearances at the dormitory.


Mari Asato (Bilocation) is directing the film, and principal photography began on March 27. Nakajō made her acting debut in the 2012 live-action television series Kuro no Onna Kyōshi (Black Female Teacher), and Fatal Frame will be her film debut. She acknowledged the pressure she feels due to this, and said that she uses it to strive hard in the daily shoots.

From Kadokawa Horror Bunko and Multiple Personality Detective Psycho and The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service author Eiji Otsuka, an original novel is due out in August from which the live-action film will be adapted from.

And from Kodansha and Kindaichi Case Files writer Shin Kibayashi (known by his pen name Tadashi Agi), a comic is also planned.

The latest original entry in the Fatal Frame series, Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, launched for Wii in Japan in July 2008. It was never localized. A remake of Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly launched for Wii in Japan and Europe in June 2012, but was never localized in North America.

gematsu / ANN

hell yes new FF game?! but could they port it to PS3/4 as well?? there needs to be an HD collection of the previous games for PS (>_<)
i wanted to play against Reika (tattooed priestess) again so bad

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08:00 pm - The Arama Music Meme
Since Arama has been pretty empty lately and the weekly FFA's seem to have vanished unfortunately, I felt that it was time to get this community to actually communicate and participate again. I hope the mods will allow me to do this.

I present the
Arama Music Meme

Use it to get to know one another and maybe discuss your different/similar music tastes.

Rules are as follows: Post a comment answering the things below. You may do so in words, links, with embedded songs/videos or any other way you like. I only ask that, should you embed a video, please resize it to something smaller so that the comment section is not spammed too much (For those who do not know how, many sites like Youtube have a section for their embed codes with an option for custom size. Choose something that is preferably not wider than 300px).
Since this is an Arama-specific Meme I'm asking for Japanese songs. This may seem to narrow your choices down but maybe it'll also make it easier! :)

Please answer the following things:

1. Your favourite Japanese Music Video.

2. Your favourite Japanese Song or Current Jam.

3. Your favourite Japanese Male and/or Female Solo Artist.

4. Favourite Japanese band and/or group.

5. Japanese song you listen to when happy / sad.

Optional: Japanese Guilty Pleasure / Song you wouldn't normally listen to.

That's it, guys! Have fun and party together!

Current Mood: happyhappy

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08:52 am - (Short PV) Mika Nakashima x Miliyah Kato - Fighter


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07:38 pm - Yamapi Kisses Stranger on New Television Show

Since the canceling of his other variety program, Yamashita has begun a new show called "Otona no Kiss Eigo" in which he attempts to pracitce/learn English. On the first episode of the show, Yamapi was introduced to a foreign girl from Australia. The two were shown a video of strangers being asked to kiss for the first time. They spoke completely in English for a while, then were instructed to kiss each other. Yamapi took the lead, kissing the girl twice. Afterwords, he revealed to his co-hosts that he actually fell for her. *cue jealous fan reaction LOL*

Yamapi was able to get by fairly well conversationally in English, but I wouldn't say he is completely fluent. Nonetheless I was surprised he was actually able to hold a conversation that well. We all know how other Johnny's do at English....

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11:03 am - Rena Nounen, Masaki Suda, and Hiroki Hasegawa, etc. cast for the live action version of Kuragehime

Actress Rena Nounen has been cast to play the lead in the movie adaptation of the popular manga Kuragehime (scheduled for a December 2014 release). She plays the role of an otaku who loves jellyfish. Starring alongside her are Masaki Suda, playing the role of a good-looking young man whose hobby is cross-dressing, and Hiroki Hasegawa, who plays the role of the virgin ikemen elite who has a fear of women. Nounen comments on the upcoming otaku role and says: "I'm currently thinking hard how I should be playing this role in order to make the viewers enjoy the movie".

The manga of the same name started publication in 2008 and has circulated over 2.7M copies to date (Vol. 1~13). The manga won 3rd place in the 2011 "Kono manga wa sugoi!" female division awards and was also adapted into anime in 2010 (Fuji).

The story revolves around a group of otaku women who call themselves the "Amars"--- terrified of men, who live in an apartment called Amamizukan, where men are off limits. When the main character gets in trouble with a tropical fish shop one day, she is suddenly saved by a fashionable girl. This fashionable girl would start going to the apartment, but it turns out that this girl is actually a cross-dressed boy, as the story starts focusing on the development of their peculiar friendship.

The other wotas residing in the apartment will be played by Chizuru Ikewaki (Train-wota), Rina Ohta (Romance of the 3 kingdoms-wota), Tomoe Shinohara (Kare-sen; or wota of mature, old men) and Azusa Babazono (Japanese clothes-wota).

Taisuke Kawamura (Himitsu no Akko-chan, Nodame Cantabile the Final Score Part 2) will be calling the shots, as filming is scheduled to begin in May.

2ch reactionsCollapse )


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12:20 pm - Japanese Music Stars To Play One Last Time At Tokyo's Old Olympic Stadium


With plans already underway for a newly revamped National Olympic Stadium, the old stadium—the main site for the 1964 Summer Olympic Games—is scheduled to be demolished in 2015.

To say farewell to the old stadium, a two-night "JAPAN NIGHT" concert event is being planned for May 28-29. The first night, "Yell for JAPAN," will feature FUNKY Kato (formerly from Funky Monkey Babys), YUZU (Hunter x Hunter), The Gospellers (Hyōka), Kaori Kishitani, UKASUKA-G (Sakurai Kazutoshi of Mr. Children & GAKU-MC), Naoto Inti Raymi, Ikimono-gakari (Naruto Shippūden, Bleach), and more. The night will also feature a special group comprised of Toyomu Tamada, Seiji Kameda, Hirokazu Ogura, Susumu Nishikawa, Makoto Mingawa, Yuta Saito, Kinbara Chieko, and led by Seiji Kameda (Naruto, InuYasha, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood). The second night, "Japan to the World" will feature L'Arc-en-Ciel (Rurouni Kenshin, Fullmetal Alchemist), SEKAI NO OWARI, Perfume, and MAN WITH A MISSION.

Advance tickets will be available April 18 at noon JST from Lawson Ticket, with more pre-sale tickets available April 25 at 6PM JST from Ticket Pia, Lawson Ticket, e-Plus Ticket, and BARKS Ticket. General ticket sales begin May 11 at 10AM JST. Plans for international ticket sales will be announced this week.

JAPAN NIGHT marks L'Arc-en-Ciel's third appearance at the stadium; they played there for the second time last month. Paul McCartney will play at the stadium next month on May 17 and 18 as part of his "Out There! Tour."

Although some anime fans might associate the 2020 Tokyo Olympics stadium with Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira, the new National Stadium won't look anything like the one seen in the film. Designed by architect Zaha Hadid, the new stadium will seat 80,000 guests and feature a retractable roof. Hadid was the first woman and the first Muslim to win the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004; she also designed the Aquatics Centre for the 2012 London Olympics.


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12:25 pm - Koki Tanaka Rumored To Make Full Scale Return This Fall

Former KAT-TUN member Koki Tanaka(田中聖) (28), who was dismissed from Johnny's in September of 2013 could be making a full scale return soon.

In March of 2014, Tanaka was seen at the red carpet event for the 6th Okinawa International Film Festival. Although it was his first time appearing in public event in a very long time, plans for future entertainment activities have yet to be determined for him at this stage. According to an entertainment stakeholder, "It is said one of the reasons for his dismissal from Johnny's was the fact that he ran a bar in secrecy without the the knowledge and permission from the agency. Currently, the bar seems to have opened again. Also, his playboy behavior and his relationship with women also seem to remain unchanged as before."
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01:08 am - Поход в Чернобыльскую Зону
Xxx: привет,ты из Киева?

                                                                                                        Yyy: Привет, да

                                                                                                                  Xxx: подскажи, пожалуйста, у тебя нет знакомых проводников...
Примерно так началась эта история. После долгих проверок человека, сильно желающего посетить Зону без экскурсий я все-таки удостоверился что это не очередная провокация моих недоброжелателей из сети. Человек этот оказался из соседней страны. После личной встречи в Киеве мы двинули в путь небольшой группой товарищей и нашего нового участника.
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April 23rd, 2014

02:56 pm - Catastrophe etc
How would you formulate the difference between catastrophe, calamity and disaster?

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08:09 pm - Sakura nendoroid by GSC: preorder is coming up!
YES!!!! The moment we've been waiting for is actually coming for real after a very long wait, and real soon at that!!
Sakura Kinomoto nendoroid will be available for preorder on april 25th, the day after tomorrow!!!!!! :D
Here is the official presentation of Sakura with comments and pictures:
And anyway, I'm posting all the photos here ;)

nb: you get the key (the big one next to Kero) if you preorder from Good Smile Company Online Shop, I don't know if you'll get it if you order from somewhere else. Something else: This photo of the key is actually of the coloring prototype, but the final version is planned to be a charm to attach to your keys, phone, bag or anything else.

[click on thumbnails to enlarge]

AND! There is one more pose that wasn't revealed yet, it will shown on the official website of GSC tomorrow.

...or I can just spoil you right away and show you the Hanyyaaaannn~~ expression! :D (SOURCE)

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04:29 pm - Там, где заблудился Минотавр.
 Этот пост про место, имеющее выход в туннели Московского метро. Место, туннели которого ветвятся во все стороны под всевозможными углами. Они переплетаются, расходятся снова, уходят то вертикально вверх, или вертикально вниз, влево, вправо, по диагонали... Там и родился заголовок данного поста.

В этой записи я не веду никакой сюжетной линии, не описываю эмоции, но постараюсь передать свои ощущения через фотографии и описания к ним.

1. "Про тень и свет, добро и зло, немощность и силу, истину и ложь." Меня интересует Ваше видение: где, по-вашему, перечисленные "истины", а где их антиподы? Ваши ответы - в комментарии.

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April 22nd, 2014

12:05 pm - My tweets


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April 21st, 2014

11:50 pm - NY City Hall Station Today (abandoned) Part II
Station: City Hall (Broadway Line) - No Admittance... Here is the second instalment with colour images, but the previous comments in part i also contain a tour video to the old city hall station.
You may be late for a special event or maybe you are running from the law, a wandering vagrant or just a tourist; but you cannot pass, fare or not..
no admittance

The Transit Museum to the old City Hall Station, decommissioned in 1945. This is a station unlike any other in New York, filled with stained glass, Roman brick, tiled vaults, arches and brass chandeliers.

City Hall subway signC

It was once the southern terminus of the Interborough Rapid Transit (IRT), which ran from City Hall to Grand Central, across 42nd street to Times Square and all the way north to 145th Street along Broadway. The design reflects the values of the City Beautiful architectural movement that believed beautiful architecture could engender a better civic society. The main consulting architects on the IRT stations were George Lewis Heins and Christopher Grant LaFarge. The glass skylights were made by R. Guastavino & Co. The station is only 600 feet south of the current Brooklyn Bridge station that houses the 4, 5 and 6 lines. The old City Hall station is 400 feet long along a curve without any straight lines of sight. Fifteen tiled arches support the ceiling along with three panels of glass skylights. The skylights were tarred over during World War II as a safety measure and some are completely missing. A mezzanine area above the platform once showcased an ornamented oak ticket booth which no longer exists. The mezzanine also features a vaulted ceiling crowned by a leaded glass skylight. Rich tones of red brick, green and cream tiles contrast with the blue glass in the skylights, resulting in a stunning visual and architectural feat. link

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; )
Current Location: New York
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10:01 am - New York City Hall Subway Vintage Abandoned Subway Part I
New York Old City Hall Vintage Subway 1904

Built along with the rest of the Dual Contract lines and opened in 1918, the active platform at City Hall Station was originally designed to be a stub terminal for local trains, following the pattern in which almost all of the Manhattan subway lines were built. Local trains were to terminate inside the borough while express trains would diverge and cross the river into Brooklyn. The IND 8th Avenue (locals terminate at World Trade Center), the IRT East Side (locals terminate at Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall), and IRT West Side (locals terminate at South Ferry) lines all follow this pattern, as does the IND Fulton Street line in Brooklyn as it was initially operated (locals terminated at Court Street). Here are some vintage photos of the original station long abandoned..

City Hall subway sign

Vintage Photos B&WCollapse )

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09:20 pm - Abandoned Meat-Packing Plant - Navassa, NC
Over the weekend, I learned that the abandoned Cape Fear Meat Packing Co plant in Navassa, NC, was torn down. Months ago, even. It was kept out of the news so as not to draw a crowd. It's been there since 1919, closed since 1923. I heard about it years ago and only found it by playing around on Google Satellite until I found the most likely candidate. In September of 2012, my boyfriend and I finally drove out to find it. It was one of the most beautiful and fascinating places I've ever been, peaceful, eerie, dead, verdant, sad, and lovely all at the same time. I was on the verge of tears when I learned it was gone. We took a lot of pictures that day--unfortunately, on two old smartphones, so not the highest quality ever, but they're all that's left now.

The Cape Fear Meat Packing Co Plant, Navassa, NCCollapse )
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08:44 pm - Are there any folk familiar with the Wiltshire dialect of English?
If so, I'd be supremely in your debt if you could give the following passage a run through with a red pen. A bit of background that may help: this takes place in 1889 in the fictional county of Barsetshire. To simplify things, I've decided to represent the rural dialect of said county with that of 19th century Wiltshire.

As for the four characters, William and Frome are upper middle class men from the city of Barchester who've gone into the country to hunt, John is William's servant and assistant, and Sam is a friend of John's. (Frome brought a man along, too, but he has no lines in this scene.)

The tale of the old AbbeyCollapse )

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12:04 pm - My tweets


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07:11 am - Mika Nakashima x Miliyah Kato - Fighter


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01:34 am - Nakashima Mika & Kato Miriya to collaborate in song included in 2014 World Cup's official album

Nakashima Mika and Kato Miriya will be working together for the first time in the song "Fighter" which will be included in the 2014 World Cup's official album involving various artistes all over the world and released as a single in Japan on 4 June. The song was chosen as the Asian representative for the tournament's album which will be sold from 21 May. The duo will also be invited to Brazil and are expected to perform the song live there during a World Cup-related music event.

Nakashima and Kato have been close friends all along but this is the first time they are working together. The lyrics were written by them while Kato composed the melody. The song "Fighter" is a rock number with a samba feel which will stir the competitive spirit. They both expressed admiration for each other and are proud to be chosen as the Asian representative in the World Cup album.


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April 20th, 2014

02:53 pm - FRIDAY : Aragaki Yui & Nishikido Ryo breakup was false? Living in the same apartment building

FRIDAY (4/11 issue) has reported that Yui Aragaki and Kanjani8's Ryo Nishikido are still dating.

During last year's report, Nishikido and Aragaki's apartments were only 4 minutes apart on foot, and he would go to Aragaki's unit twice a week. After a year from the initial 'scandal', it was discovered that the two are now living in the same building.

The pair met each other after being cast together in the drama Zenkai Girl (July 2011). After FRIDAY scooped the pair's relationship last year, a number of women's magazines reported that the two have split up since. But it seems that the relationship has actually continued.

"Making a couple live near each other is a method used a lot within the industry, not just by Johnny's. The media won't be able to get inside these apartment buildings, so there's no fear of the two being photographed together. The pictures published on this issue of FRIDAY are just of Aragaki's agency car entering the parking lot of the said apartment, Nishikido walking on the sidewalk, and Aragaki going home into the apartment. If they have indeed broken up, then there's no point in living within the same building. So it can be assumed that their relationship have prospered ever since." - (Johnny's writer)

Nishikido has previously graced the pages of FRIDAY in 2011 when a woman he hooked up with leaked pictures of him in bed, and this past February when he was also picking up girls in Hawaii with the Akanishi troop.
"Nishikido recently planned to go cruising with the Akanishi troop members but got stranded at the airport due to bad weather. It seems that he's treating his relationship with Aragaki and his womanizing as 2 different things." - (same as above)

Some comments on the Internet: "Nishikido got FRIDAY'd again?", "I'm already getting tired of his FRIDAY reports (LOL)", "Nishikido, do your best", and a lot don't seem too much rattled about this report. Will Nishikido continue with his serious relationship with Aragaki, or will he once again be caught by FRIDAY with a different woman?

PicturesCollapse )

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